Take Action

What Your Bucks Can Buy

$10 Buys three pairs of work gloves for the tire shear crew.

Why does it matter? You wouldn’t want to touch that stuff, would you?

$30 buys an hour of grant writing.

Why does it matter? Well-written grants get funded and bring great projects to life!

$75 buys an on-site lunch for a tire shear crew or a roadside cleanup work crew.

Why does it matter? Would you want these people in your restaurant? Food is fuel to keep working!

$150 pays the phone and internet bills for one month.

Why does it matter? A tin can on a string doesn’t stretch very far.

$600 buys a tri-axle load of limestone for an abandoned mine discharge treatment system.

Why does it matter? Would you want to drink orange water?

$1200 pays the insurance bills for one year.

Why does it matter? Life is full of risk.

$2000 cleans up a ton of illegally dumped trash.

Why does it matter? It’s never been okay to litter – let alone dump.

$3500 stirs the limestone in the JB2 AMD treatment system.

Why does it matter? Sixty fewer tons of this iron muck end up in Raccoon Creek every year.

$5000 builds a better canoe launch at Rocky Bottom.

Why does it matter? How would you like to drag a kayak over this terrain?

$15,000 builds a sturdy picnic shelter at Rocky Bottom.

Why does it matter? What’s a park without a picnic shelter?

$18,000 enables thirty youngsters to enjoy a week of outdoor learning at “Land Camp” at Raccoon Creek State Park.

Why does it matter? Our young people must understand that food does not grow on grocery store shelves; garbage and sewage don’t just ‘go away;’ there is a cost to flipping on the light switch; and the choices we make can save the very earth on which our lives depend.

$25,000 buys a quarter mile of rustic steel guard rail at Rocky Bottom.

Why does it matter? ATVs and wetlands don’t mix.

$40,000 buys the engineering and permitting for a low-impact park at Rocky Bottom.

Why does it matter? Good plans pave the way for permanent improvements.

The official registration and financial information of Independence Conservancy may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll free, within Pennsylvania, 1 (800) 732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.